Thursday, 21 August 2014

Cool Math Tricks

After you are through with these tricks you will be hailed as a math genius.

These cool math tricks would help parents help their kids getting up to speed in learning math. Also, a nice and funny way to impart education in your children and pamper their curiosity for numbers.

These cool math tricks, derivation of various vedic math sutras, make calculations possible at your fingertips. Please feel free to leave your comments in case you have any suggestions for additions to this list of cool math tricks! These cool math tricks are particularly important to those appearing and preparing for competitive exams like GMAT, GRE, etc.

Trick to multiply with 11
Multiply any number with 11 easy and fast 

This cool math trick is about multiplication. Not just any number with any other. This math trick has specific application and its about multiplication of any number with 11. With this trick, multiplication of any number with 11 can be calculated in two seconds. Let us see how this trick works with an example of two digit number to be multiplied with 11:


24 x 11 (Since this math trick is about multiplication with 11, the number we want to multiply 11 with, will be referred to as "Number")

2 _ 4 (The number is split in half from the middle with space in between)

2 6 4 (In the space left in between, total of the two digits on either sides is to be included)

24 x 11 = 264

Cool Math Trick to multiply with 9
use your fingers to multiply any number with 9

This cool math trick is a simple exercise and kids will love this cool math trick. Let us assume, you want to multiply 2 by 9 and don't want to use any of the mathematics concepts. This math trick would let you do it, like this:

  1. Raise your both hands up and place them on a platform (anything in front of you, even the desk on which this computer is placed would do). Also, please keep your fingers spread, because that only will make the difference. 
  2. As you want to multiply with 2, you just need to fold down the second finger from the left. And just watch your resulting fingers. They would give you the answer.
  3. There would be only one finger to the left of folded finger, which signifies that left hand side digit of the answer would be 1. 
  4. There are eight finger to the right of folded one, which means the right hand side digit of the answer is 8. (3 of left hand and 5 of right hand) 
Please try this on for any number and this math trick would give you exact right answer for multiplication with 9.

Isn't it cool to know such math tricks! Kids, enjoy playing with these cool math tricks!

Magic with mathematics
let us explore the magic of 1089

This cool math trick would turn you into a magician (Shh! only till your friends also know this :-))

Here is the math trick you need to play with your friends. Why dont you play along as you read. Take a pencil and paper and let us begin with this cool math trick.

I can guess the final answer of all the following steps for any number your guess. And the answer would be 1089!

Isn't it a cool math trick? Enjoy fooling your friends and also think about the reason why any three digit number if passed through following fives steps would give the same result?

The hint to understand logic behind this cool math trick is - "when you reverse a three digit number, tenths place digit would be unmoved and the hundredth and unit would change places"

  1. Please write down any three digits number with decreasing digits
    (i.e. 543 or 875, you can also use the number which have zeroes in their tenth or unit place)
  2. Reverse the number you wrote in #1
    (If you presumed number with zeros either in tenth or unit or both places, the number you would get in this step would not necessarily be a three digit number)
  3. Subtract the number obtained in #2 from the number you wrote in #1
    (Please note, because number in #1 was with digits decreasing, the number got in #2 would be lower)
  4. Reverse the number obtained in #3
    (The digits of the subtraction received in #3 to be written in reverse order. Please note, in both the reversals, tenths place digit would be unmoved and the hundredth and unit would change places)
  5. Add the numbers found in #3 and #4