Thursday, 7 July 2011

Basics of Vedic Mathematics

After introduction to Vedic Mathematics, let us start with basics thereof.
It would be good to take multiplication, and for that any 2 digit number with any other 2 digit number.

Basic Definitions:

Vedic mathematics is based on the concept of placing the numbers either at the unit place or tenths or hundredth and so on. So for ease of understanding, let us use this legend:

Unit Place: UP
Tenth Place: XP
Hundredth Place: HP
Thousand Place: TP
Ten thousandth Placce: TXP
Hundred thousandth Place: THP (and so on..)

Let us take an example of 23 x 45:

So now we need to place this numbers under each other in such a way that UP of both multipliers are in one column and XP numbers in one column:

2 3
4 5

1. Now we have to start with UP and multiply both the numbers there. (i.e. 3 x 5) and the answer is 15. Out of this answer 5 would be placed on the UP of the product of two multipliers and 1 would be a carry over. So we now know that our final product has a UP of 5.

2. Second step is then to go for cross multiplication which means:
"XP of first multiplier" x "UP of Second multiplier" = 2 x 5 = 10
"XP of Second multiplier" x "UP of First multiplier" = 4 x 3 = 12

3. Now the sum of above two products added with carry over if any, would give us the XP of our final answer which is to be derived as follows:
Sum of Cross Multiplication (from Step 2) = 10 + 12 = 22
Carry over from the UP (from Step 1) = 1
XP for the final product = 23

As we did in step 1, number 3 shall occupy the XP of final product and 2 shall be a carry over. so the answer constructed by us so far look like this _ _ 3 5. Now we shall go into final steps to identify TP and TXP of the final product.

4. Multiplication of XP of both multipliers i.e. 2 x 4 = 8.
We need to add the carry over of two from step 3 into this which would give us 8 + 2 = 10. So 0 is the TXP and 1 is TP of the final product.

Thus, the final product looks like this 1035.

Benefits of this method

Now let us revisit and see what we have actually done to achieve this product of two digit numbers:

1. Multiplication of single digit number
2. Sum of two digit numbers.

Thus, the requirement of multiplying two digit numbers has become very very easy using this Vedic Maths technique and with a little bit of practice on this lines would make you very quick in deriving products.


Also, to understand the concept better, let us take this pictorial demonstration of steps. one this is understood, you shall be able to apply the concept to even larger digit numbers as well.

So Vedic Maths Rocks!

I hope this would help you master the trick for multiplication of two digit numbers and shortly I shall come up with multiplication of larger digit numbers using wonders of Vedic Mathematics.

As I mentioned previously, in this attempt to simplify the study and make it more interesting, I am supported by Do visit them.

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