Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mathematics Redefined (Introduction of Vedic Maths)

Here I am going to talk about Vedic Mathematics, so lets first have an introduction as to what is Vedic Mathematics.

We all know that for higher academic achievements, successful business venture or even more so for day to day transactions, we need to master maths. With the gadgets to the likes of calculators, computers and even now tables, its easier to get through with basic number crunching requirements. However, what if we are shown a way of crunching numbers which is even faster than the use of these gadgets, easier and completely reliable!

Yes, that's right, we I am talking about a revolutionary methodology which would not just make the number crunching easy but would make maths fun for students. And I am not just talking about simplifying multiplication or division, also about solving complex equations just by a glimpse.

This method comes from the ancient Indian literature, written in Sanskrit language in forms of sutras and it contains the very logic behind currently used mathematics approach and shows a much simplified version.

Let me just give you an example of basic mathematics operation (i.e. multiplication):

Multiplication of 11 with any two digit number

Ex. 11 x 23

For this, without doing anything or even going into the table of two and three we have to go as follows:

"The sum of two digits (i.e. 2+3= 5) should be placed in between the two digits (i.e. 2 & 3)"

Thus, your answer is = 2 5 3 = 253.

Isn't it fun when you don't even have to use anything when faced with such requirements and before your friends could take out their gadgets punch in all the numbers, you have the answer ready with you.

This trick is not even equal to a drop if we consider Vedic Mathematics to be an Ocean!!!

Well I guess this in enough introduction and I shall continue to add more of this wonderful insights to be helpful to everyone coming across this.

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