Friday, 27 April 2012

Subtracting from a large power of ten

The vedic math sutra - "All from nine and the last from ten"

Subtraction is not a very complex mathematics calculation but it would get difficult when you are dealing with large numbers and even more difficult when it results in carrying over from the left hand site number.

Let us understand where to effectively use this vedic maths sutra:

100000 - 87459

The normal method of subtraction would require us to write down these numbers and do the calculations as follows:


   9 9 9 910

   87549 (carrying over from the left hand side number)

What if there is a vedic math sutra which shows how to do this calculation without even having to write to down numbers and also without the hustle of having to carry over from the left. Let us lean about the vedic math sutra:

The sutra: All from nine and the last from ten

Method: As the name suggests, you just need to subtract all the numbers from nine and the last one from 10

So in this case, last number is 9 which is to be subtracted from 10 = 1
and the rest of the numbers 8754 to be subtracted from 9 = 1245

So the answer is 12451

Thus, though subtraction is easy, this vedic math sutra makes it even easier!

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